Carbon High Golf Team Takes Region Title


Despite struggling with windy conditions and finishing in second place in their final match in Richfield, the Carbon High golf team ended region play with a 74 stroke lead over Payson to take the Region 12 title on Wednesday afternoon. Four members also finished as top 10 players and all four seniors were named to academic all-region.

Coach Tom King was pleased with the output he has had from the team throughout the season. The team had some superb meets including a 310 finish earlier in the season.

At the Richfield meet, Robbi Etzel led the way with a 74. Blake Bean was in second for the team with an 84. Dillin Ward and Dallas Anselmo both finished the day with an 89. Kayden Alderson 99 and Waylon Davis hit a 104. It was Davis’ first varsity meet.

Richfield  shot 325 as a team to take the win on their home course. The DInos finished at 341, Juab at 350, Payson at 352 and North San Pete ended with a 378. “The conditions at Richfield were extremely windy and we did not play extremely well,”  King explained.

In Region standings, Carbon came out on top with 2,300 total points, Payson took second with 2,374. Juab was close behind at 2,386. Richfield finished at 2,404 with North Sanpete at 2,590.

The state tournament will take place at Mountain Dell on Oct. 9 and 10. Park City is the reigning champs and still considered to be the favorite to win. King feels like his team has the skill and talent to give them a run, but he said it will depend on if they have their head in the game and play with confidence.

King admits that lack of depth is a factor in the teams success. Teams like Park City have six or more top players. Carbon has four seniors and then several upcoming younger players to fill in the rest of the roster. Weather could also play a factor as mid October up in the Parley’s Canyon area can be cold and windy. King is confident that the team should be in the top three.

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