Carbon High Participates In Cedar Invitational


The Carbon High swim team traveled to Cedar City for the Cedar Invitational on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, the girl’s 200 medley relay team consisting of Addy Olson, Sadie Crompton, Veronica Ibanez and Kaisha Lott placed fourth out of 15 teams with a time of 2:11.26. The boy’s 200 medley relay team consisting of Joseph Keller, Tyson Swasey, Robby Jewkes and Harry Torgerson placed ninth out of 17 teams with a time of 2:04.30.

Veronica Ibanez placed fifth out of 29 swimmers with a time of 2:21.27 in the 200 individual medly. Abby Layton placed 14th with a time of 3:16.22.

Tyson Swasey placed eighth in the 200 individual medley with a time of 2:23.36. The rest of the swimmers were in the 50-meter freestyle. Sadie Crompton 10th (28.95), Addy Olson 18th (29.66), Kaisha Lott 20th (29.93), Megan Swasey 26th (31.01), Alheli Pendleton 34th (33.03), Jayden Nielson 55th (38.13), Sara Stromness 57th (38.75), Taycie Davis 62nd (40.05) and Hannah Torgerson 66th (46.56).

In the boys 50 yard freestyle, Joseph Keller placed third overall (24.41), Harry Torgerson 26th (27.67), Robby Jewkes 29th (28.03), Josh McCourt 30th (28.05), Tanner Martinez 48th (31.89), Parker Humes 52nd (32.72), Jackson Roiser 53rd (32.99), Rylan Chamberlain 60th (37.08), Josh Rasmussen 63rd (38.43) and Anthony Flores 64th (39.74).

Saturday’s competition began with the 100 yard butterfly. Veronica Ibanez finished in third with a time of 1:11.34 and Abby Layton took 12th in 1:37.24.

The rest of the swimmers competed in the 100 yard freestyle. Sadie Crompton captured ninth with a time of 1:07.57, Addy Olson 11th (1:07.83), Megan Swasey 12th (1:07.84), Kaisha Lott 19th (1:11.90), Alheli Pendleton 32nd (1:19.05), Jayden Nielson 36th (1:23.88), Sara Stromness 40th (1:26.90), Taycie Davis 41st (1:28.98) and Hannah Torgerson 51st (1:44.30).

In the boys 100 yard freestyle, Tyson Swasey placed fifth with a time of 55.28, Joseph Keller seventh (55.63), Harry Torgerson 18th (1:02.24), Robby Jewkes 19th (1:02.94), Josh McCourt 29th (1:07.36), Tanner Martinez 37th (1:13.76), Parker Humes 43rd (1:16.86), Jackson Rosier 47th (1:19.98), Josh Rasmussen 51st (1:25.62) and Anthony Flores 56th (1:39.05).

The last event for Carbon was the 200 yard free relay. The girl’s team consisted of Olson, Ibanez, Cromopton, and Lott finishing sixth with a time of 1:58.96, and the boy’s team consisting of Jewkes, Keller, Swasey, and Torgerson placing fifth in 1:44.79.

Carbon will hold their next swim meet at home on Friday.

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