Carbon High School Band Shows Its Talent at the Festival Showcase Concert


Carbon High School’s band hosted a festival showcase concert Wednesday evening to show its family and friends the hard work they have put into perfecting musical routines.

Most of the performances of the evening focused on jazz band. Pieces such as “Rain Dance” on a marimba, “Andalouse” on a flute and “Nocturne” played on a clarinet were performed.

The symphonic band also performed three numbers: “Hosts of Freedom,” “Blue and Green Music” and “Encanto.”

The following students will be advancing to the state solo and ensemble competition that will take place on April 30: Bryndee Anderson, Shannon Baker, Sadie Crompton, Chelby Frandsen, Sophia Fulcher, Dallin Grant, Danielle Hofer, Brayden Jones, Samantha King, Jason Manchester, Clarissa Noyes, Sarah Ohlwiler, Noah Parker, Zaharah Rossi, Britlie Sharp, Andrew Williams, Isabelle Ceniceros and Benjamin Jones.

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