Carbon High School Gathers Food for Local Food Bank


Carbon High School began its annual food drive a couple of weeks ago with teacher competitions. With the goal of three tons of food in mind, the students were encouraged to bring cans of any kind to their teachers’ classrooms for a reward.

To start off the second week, shopping carts were placed in Grand Canyon Hall and students  were asked to put cans in the cart they wanted to win. The shopping carts were labeled with the following: Clinton vs.Trump, Harambe vs. Zookeeper, Ironman vs Captain America and USU vs BYU vs Utah. For the final week, class competitions for girls vs boys will be held.

Carbon High is proud to contribute to the local Carbon County Food Bank, helping families who are in need this holiday season. This event is organized and hosted by Carbon High Student Government.

Carbon High is doing the food drive in conjunction with Emery High School as a competition between the rivals to see who can gather the most food. The winner will be announced following the conclusion of the competition.

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