Carbon High School Junior to Perform with State’s Best


Few high school students would consider being able to perform at Abravenel Hall in Salt Lake City in a band composed of the top students from across the state. For one Carbon High School Junior, however, that dream will soon be a reality.

Sarah Ohlwiler, who has been playing the clarinet for five years, made a decision at the start of this year to audition to be part of the Utah Music Educator Association’s All-State Band. The audition process included acquiring specific audition music provided to those interested and practicing it before sending in a video application. Ohlwiler submitted her video in October and received word that she was one of few who were chosen to participate.

“I just love band,” she explained when asked why she decided to audition. “I guess it’s a challenge and it sounded fun.” The fun Ohlwiler mentioned will surely come from being able to meet, play with and befriend fellow band members from across the state as they all tackle the universal challenge: the college level repertoire for the event.

“It’ll improve my playing skills a lot,” Ohlwiler asserted. With a combined practice time of 15 hours spread out over three days, plus the concert itself held this Saturday, the representing Dino will have plenty of time to hone her musical skills.

Besides participating in several of the bands at Carbon High, Ohlwiler also participates in the school’s cross country team and choir program.

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