Carbon High Softball Honored for Corona Classic Success


The Carbon County Commissioners took time on their agenda during their Wednesday evening meeting to recognize the Carbon High School girls’ softball team, as well as Coach Wade Williams, for being crowned the 2020 Corona Classic Champions.

Coach Williams explained that the team was only able to play three normal games before the pandemic hit, resulting in the cancellation of the season. From there, he pondered what could be done for the team. He then presented the idea to Frank Ori of Carbon County Recreation for a possible tournament. Commissioner Tony Martines joined in to assist and Williams stated that things fell into place.

Every 3A team in the state were invited to participate and ten joined in the competition. From there, Williams was ready to crunch numbers on the girls’ success and competition.

“I want to brag on this team a little bit,” Williams stated.

The team was scheduled to play 31 games this year and was able to successfully play seven. Crunching numbers, Williams stated that they likely would have made some records. While he expected the players would be rusty for the tournament, he was surprised.

“The thing I’m most proud of is the way they played the Corona Classic,” Williams said.

In the first game, the Lady Dinos were able to tie to force extra innings. From there, the girls never looked back and continued to improve. One of the goals was to play on Saturday, which was the day of the tournament that the top four teams were slated to play. Williams said they were not only able to play, but win. As a team, he thanked Commissioner Martines and Carbon Rec for putting on the tournament.

Williams stated that they were lucky to be able to go out on a win. The girls were each awarded with a certificate as well a a commemorative trophy that Williams had prepared. The commissioners also surprised the team by treating them to ice cream at Sherald’s following the meeting.

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