Carbon High Student Government Hosts Benefit Night for Carbon Christmas


Monday night brought a special treat for customers who participated in the Carbon Christmas benefit night at Wingers Roadhouse and Grill. Customers were charmed with servers from Carbon High Student Government along with the help of Wingers employees.

This was the first year that the student government hosted a benefit night at Wingers, which the students hope can become a tradition. Rather than a portion of the proceeds going to student government, customers were encouraged to give a generous tip. All of the proceeds from this event then went toward Carbon Christmas and the school’s goal of raising $19,500 to help local families in need.

“I think that if we continue to have success, we will accomplish our goal of $19,500,” said student government office Hannah Powell. “We just need to keep working hard and do our best to raise money.”

The student government team would like to encourage everyone to donate any opportunity that they have.

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