Carbon High Students Host Food Drive

Carbon High School Student Government organized a food drive designed to benefit the local Carbon County food bank.

Unlike years past when Carbon and Emery High Schools competed to see which school could earn the most donations, student government officials decided to implement competitions amongst the student body to try to inspire a greater effort. The competitions were broken down into groups such as teacher v. teacher, color I.D groups, genders, and classes.

Competitions have heated up to the point that some teachers began offering extra-credit for donations.

“We had a $1,000 donation by a member of the blue team,” said Carbon High Principal Bruce Bean. “Which, if you convert it this way, $1 per can, that is 1,000 cans right there. We are very thankful.”

The donations will be weighed at the food bank after the competition ends on Wednesday. Student government representatives hove to surpass last year’s weight of 11,000 lbs.

Donations from the public are welcome.

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