Carbon High Students Qualify For Solo and Ensemble State


Students of Carbon High’s choir and band programs recently participated in the regional solo and ensemble event at North Sanpete High School. Vocal jazz had 24 students compete and seven competed with piano solos.

Students must prepare this music outside of class. To qualify for region, each student must perform their piece for a judge for written feedback. Those students who received the highest ratings qualified for region and competed. They performed their songs again in front of judges for written and verbal feedback. If they received the highest rating, they qualified for state. The highest rating is a 1 Superior.

Of those that competed the following qualified for state with vocal solos: Ryan Morley, Alonso Navarro, Kody Wells, Jack Jeppson, Chase Morgan and Kyle Quinton, Mercedes Clifford, Sophia Fulcher, Bethany Prettyman and Marylou Olsen. Vocal ensembles included Paul Bryner, Logan Engar, Ryan Morley, McKenna Sorenson, Emily Broadbear, and Addy Taylor with “Nothing Gonna Stumble My Feet.” Sarah Ohlwiler, Addy Olson, Sadie Crompton and Emily Broadbear competed in another group.

Piano solos included Sadie Crompton and Britlie Sharp. State Solo and Ensemble will be held April 29 at Orem High School.


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