Carbon High Students Suspended for Violating Code of Conduct


Several Carbon High students were suspended from extra curricular activities this week following an incident, which occurred off school grounds. According to Carbon High Principal, Bruce Bean a large group of students were reported to school officials as participating in illegal activities over the weekend. Several of these students took accountability for their actions and admitted to consuming alcohol and tobacco.

Carbon High adopted a no tolerance policy at the beginning of the school year. The policy states that students who participate in illegal activities will be penalized. “We had a number of students involved in an incident that occurred away from the school,” explained Bean. “The incident involved not only athletes, but kids who do not participate in special school activities.”

For students enrolled in extra curricular activities such as sports and clubs, a mandatory suspension from these events will be enforced due to actions this past weekend. “In a sense, those who are not committed to activities are off free,” Bean stated. “But the code of conduct signed by students enrolled in activities states a suspension from these activities will be enforced. These students will not be suspended from school, only from the activity.”

The weekend event has the high school principal concerned. “I know that there’s a problem in Carbon and Emery counties with alcohol and tobacco use among kids,” Bean stated. “But I wonder if the community is really aware of what level this stuff is happening.”

Bean admitted that local schools are doing their part to deter problems such as drinking and drug abuse, but he worries that as a community, support is lacking. “I know that a similar incident occurred about a month ago at Emery High. This says to me that it is a community problem and it’s not just happening at Carbon High,” he stated.

Students at Carbon were gathered together for an informational assembly earlier this week. Bean’s focus was to encourage students to stand up for themselves and do what they know is right. “My message to them was to do the right thing even if it’s not the easiest,” he explained. “The students need to take accountability for themselves, but we need the community to support them.”

Since the weekend event, rumors have been circulating throughout both counties when in reality discussion should be about prevention. Fighting teenage substance abuse begins with parents, guardians and all adults. “We lead by example. This is a community problem and it is going to take a community effort to fight it,” Bean concluded.

ETV 10 News will be looking into social issues that plague Carbon and Emery counties. Statistics, facts, prevention and recovery tips will allow residents to evaluate local problems and work toward change. Together as a community, Carbon and Emery counties can become stronger and make a difference in each others lives.


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