Carbon High Swim Teams Suffer Disappointing Losses, Aim to Improve


Both the Carbon High boys and girls swim teams suffered tough losses during Friday’s meet at Uintah. The girls lost 148-118, while the boys were defeated 200-54.
“We were missing 18 swimmers at this meet,” explained Head Coach Kamra Davis. “It would have made a huge difference (to have them swim).”

Davis said that in addition to missing swimmers, many of the swimmers competed in events that they do not usually get the chance to compete in. “I put most swimmers in events that they don’t normally do just to give them a break from their normal events,” she said.

Despite a change in events and a lack of swimmers, the girls team still had several strong finishes. “The girls gave their all and I was pleased with their performance,” said Davis.

The girls 200 medley relay team of Addy Olson, Sadie Crompton, Veronica Ibanez and Susannah Ohlwiler began the meet on a high note, finishing in first with a best time of 2:11.77. In the 200 freestyle, Suparada Chaobol finished second in 2:25.35, Kaisha Lott finished fifth in 2:46.30 and Ali Heath finished sixth in 2:57.69. In the 200 IM, Ibanez finished in first with a best time of 2:38.10, while Ohlwiler finished fifth in 3:06.89 and Abby Layton finished seventh in 3:27.97.

Several girls competed in the 50 freestyle. Olson took first in 29.95, Crompton took third in 30.23, Dakota Noyes took fifth in 30.75, Shannon Baker took eighth in 34.86, Taycie Davis took twelfth in 41.28, Samira Sieverdingbeck took 13th in 41.72, Paula Ehbrecht took 14th with a best time of 42.39, Sara Stromness took 16th with a best time of 43.28 and Hannah Torgerson took 18th with a best time of 46.66.

In the 100 butterfly, Ibanez took first with a personal best of 1:11.06, Heidi Prettyman took third with a best time of 1:26.32 and Taycie Davis finished fifth with a personal best of 1:56.36. In the 100 freestyle, Ohlwiler took fourth with a time of 1:09.69 and Sara Stromness finished in tenth with a best time of 1:40.31.

Crompton and Baker tried out the 500 freestyle for the first time and both had strong finishes. Crompton took third with 7:41.40 and Baker finished in 9:10.74. In the 200 freestyle relay, the team composed of Lott, Prettyman, Noyes, and Chaobol captured a first place, finishing in 1:59.89. In the 100 backstroke, Olson earned another first place of the night as she finished with a personal best of 1:15.54. Layton finished in sixth with a best time of 1:37.40 and Heath finished seventh in 1:39.64. In the 100 breaststroke, Lott finished third in 1:24.19, Chaobol finished fourth in 1:28.05 and Prettyman finished fifth in 1:28.22. The 400 free relay composed of Chaobol, Noyes, Olson and Ibanez finished second in 4:34.60.

The boys team struggled to see much success throughout the meet. “The boys… had a lot of excuses and it was a disappointing day for them,” said Davis.

The boys 200 medley relay of Joseph Keller, Tyson Swasey, Kaden Earl and Ryan Atwood finished third in 2:02.31. In the 200 freestyle, Tyson Swasey finished third in 2:13.88, Robby Jewkes finished sixth in 2:34.09 and Will Laursen finished sixth in 2:39.77.

In the 200 IM, Keller claimed a first place finish, earning a new personal best in the event with a time of 2:26.64. In the 50 freestyle, Earl finished in third despite slipping off the blocks, while Connor Holyoak finished sixth in 29.09, Harrison Torgerson finished seventh with a best time of 29.61, Dalton Latimer finished eighth in 32.08, Logan Engar finished tenth with a best time of 33.30 and Tanner Martinez finished 12th with a best time of 33.92.

In the 100 freestyle, Gabe Van Dyke finished fifth in 1:44.45. Joseph Keller finished second with a best time of 53.88, while Ryan Atwood finished seventh in 1:04.15, Robby Jewkes finished eighth with a best time of 1:06.87 and Tanner Martinez finished tenth with a best time of 1:16.79.

In the 500 freestyle, Will Laursen took 21 seconds off his previous time, finishing in 7:19.11 and taking third place, while Kyson Anderson finished with a personal best of 8:28.30.

The boys’ 200 freestyle relay made up of Earl, Swasey, Atwood and Keller took second place, finishing in 1:42.17. In the 100 backstroke, Torgerson took seventh, finishing in 1:26.98, while Atwood finished in 1:30.39 and took eighth place. In the 100 breaststroke, Swasey took fourth, finishing in 1:18.28, Holyoak finished sixth in 1:24.09, Van Dyke finished eighth in 1:25.94, Anderson finished ninth in 1:26.03, Josh McCourt finished tenth with a best time of 1:32.44 and Engar finished in eleventh with a best time of 1:33.46. The 400 freestyle relay composed of Jewkes, Laursen, Torgerson, and Holyoak finished third in 4:45.72.

Davis said there are some things that need to be fixed before the next meet.

“We had some unfortunate scratches (disqualifications) that shouldn’t have happened and some poor effort that I, as a coach, need to address,” she said.

Despite some disappointment from the meet, Davis said she is already looking ahead to Tuesday’s meet at Grand.
“We need to put this meet behind us and learn from our mistakes and focus on fixing things for our next meet,” she concluded.

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