Carbon High Tells a Tale as Old As Time *Photo Gallery*


Romance, laughter and dancing flatware came together to form a magical, musical experience as the Carbon High School drama department entertained community members with its production of Disney’s “Beauty and The Beast.”

The production followed the well-known tale of Belle, a strong-willed maiden who finds herself caught up in the unforgettable drama as she is held captive by a terrifying beast before learning there is more to her captor than meets the eye.

The production featured veterans as well as several newcomers. Showing for the last half of last week and on Monday, audience members left the production with smiles on their faces and hearts brimming.

Principal cast members included Carbon seniors McKenna Sorenson and Nate Carpenter as Belle and the Beast, respectively. Gaston was played by Stephen Ewan with Lafou being played by Paul Bryner. Ryan Morley and Jared Brandt took the roles of Lumiere and Cogsworth while Madi Christensen was Babette. Mrs. Potts was played by Bethany Prettyman with Sarah Clark taking the role of the enchanted wardrobe. Maurice was played by Brayden Jones and Mikey Bera took the role of D’Arque. Chip was played by Cami Taylor.

The show also featured Ana Acosta, Summer Atherly, Saul Beecher, Kelli Bera, Emily Broadbear, Mersedez Clifford, Katrina Edwards, Luis Hernandez, David Hobbs, Rachel Hobbs, Eliza Jeffrey, Jack Jeppson, Aubrey Jorgensen, Hannah Miller, Addy Olson, Tati Ownes, Morgan Page, Hannah Parker, Kym Paulk, Patrick Paulk, Kyaera Price, Kelsey Sorenson, Paul Spooner, Hannah Torgerson, Kylie Twedell, Kody Wells, Shayley Cartwright, Katrina Behling, Kaitlyn Cave, Olivia Black, Abby Fausett, Grace Mantz, Sam King, Mikayla Metzger, Kayla Maynes, Marylou Olsen, Alison Prince, Katie Snow, Maddison Prince, Addy Taylor and Bethany Stefanoff.

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