Carbon High Works with Changes in Building and Protocol


Carbon School District Press Release

While it is obvious that Carbon High is being physically changed by the construction that is going on at the front of the facility, this year has brought large changes to the way the school operates as well.

“It has also been unique to say the least,” said Chris Winfree, the principal at Carbon High School. “With all of the protocols that are in place because of COVID, it has been different. We have appreciated the support of the students and the parents when it comes to all the craziness. We have a phenomenal staff. We added seven new teachers this year, some of whom have never taught before, and we are thrilled they are here. All our teachers are rock stars for what they have done as far as I am concerned.”

One big change at Carbon High School is how education is delivered to students, and it may well have set a new precedent for future operations.

“The Carbon Online School has been a huge blessing to us,” he said.

Students or families who are concerned about their health and safety have an option to complete courses online through Edgenuity. Students are tracked and interventions are provided by Carbon teachers on an as-needed basis. Remote learning, with cameras in the classrooms that students can log into if they cannot be there and participate, has been a huge help.

“This keeps them from falling behind whether they are home with something related to COVID or have a medical problem that prevents them from attending class in person,” he stated.

One of the strange things that has gone on this year is how the school has had to administer their attendance code.

“We have to keep changing things when it comes to attendance,” said Winfree. “It has really been weird because we discover new things all the time, and we have codes we need to use to mark students’ status. We have to do this because the state wants to know.”

While some things could not happen this year (like the homecoming dance for example), some other activities and the sports’ seasons happened in a pretty normal fashion with no cancellations or road blocks.

“We didn’t get to have a school musical this year, and that is always a big deal here at Carbon High,” he stated. “We have not been able to have regular choir or band performances. Students ask me all the time if we are going to be able to have prom, and I tell them I really don’t know.”

The school had a good football year, despite only having won only one game. But things are changing and the future is bright.

“Phil Howa has brought a new excitement to the football program. He has made such a change in the culture of the program. We want to win football games, but building the team to do that is a process; it isn’t going to happen in one year. We had 80+ players in the program this year. However, indoor sports are going to be a lot harder to manage under the circumstances,” he concluded.

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