Carbon Kids to Have Clean Hands Thanks to Sanitizer Donation


Many kind acts of service have been enacted during the COVID-19 pandemic in Carbon and Emery counties. One such act came in the form of a sizable donation by local citizen Nicole Allred.

“With back to school right around the corner, I realized many were having a hard time trying to obtain sufficient supplies of hand sanitizer, including our local school district,” stated Allred.

With this is mind, Allred was able to negotiate wholesale pricing on behalf of Carbon School District (CSD) and its students. This was completed with local company Wink Naturals, which is a Utah company that specializes in natural goods. Hand sanitizer is not in Wink’s traditional product lineup; however, the company wished to assist with the shortage and provided a one-time manufacturing run for the public.

Allred was successful in purchasing $10,000 worth of hand sanitizer for half of the price.

“Basically, on my end, I spent many hours approaching businesses and individuals about the donation and so many wanted to contribute to the cause, and the support that I received was overwhelming,” Allred stated.

With assistance, Allred was able to gather donations for the hand sanitizer and donate it to the CSD. She explained that she knew that many are having a hard time finding hand sanitizer, so she approached the CSD regarding the donation and found them very grateful. The district expressed a great need this school year. Allred said that it was exciting to know that the donation was going to help the faculty and students of the local community.

“Being able to provide this for our local district has been greatly rewarding. I feel a much stronger appreciation and sense of community with all of our generous sponsors. Carbon County really is a great place to live, especially because of the people,” concluded Allred.

Sponsors of the hand sanitizer include the Helper Clinic, Zooks Solutions, Southeast Paint and Design, Debbie’s Down Home, Dano Leavitt, Party Express, Pour It Out, Vanessa and Ben Feuers, Sarah Bradley, Kellie Payne, Rick and Becki Gamber, Kristy Woodhouse, John Adams, Carl Gunter, Mod Clay, Megan Owens, Micalena Riche, Monnica Child, Rachel Staley, Juliana Wade, Jeanette Marasco, First Edition Auto Detailing, Carrillo Towing, Three Little Llamas, Leona’s Locks, Mike Jones, Strategic Insurance Solutions, Kay Colosimo, Floree Jenkins, Ruth Ann Leturgez, Angela Murray, JN Auto, Mountain America, Gateway Lanes, Central Commission, Tram Electric, Dawn’s Hometown Insurance, Alexis Horsely and Alisa Morley.

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