Carbon Native Joins Community Progress Committee


Price City’s Community Progress Committee just added another member to their family, and she writes engineering manuals as well as runs a non-profit.

Carbon native Michelle Rasmussen was sworn in as the newest member of the Community Progress Committee Wednesday during the Price City Council meeting. Rasmussen was joined at the event by two daughters and also gave a brief personal history.

“I grew up here and decided once I started working from home writing books it was time to come home,” she said.

Rasmussen works from home writing engineering manuals to help instruct engineers on ways to more fully perform job responsibilities.

Besides working on manuals, Rasmussen also strives to give back to the community through her nonprofit organization that was granted 501(c)(3) status in January of last year.

“We help low-income single parents get on their feet basically by houses and renting them out at a discounted rate,” she said.

The nonprofit has garnered much attention, also attracting two celebrity board members from HGTV. The reduced rent homes, which rely on donations, are already found in Price. The organization has influenced a duplex in town and Rasmussen hopes to expand the sphere of influence.

“We’re proud of you to step forward and provide your expertise, your skills, your time and your talent, to the community progress committee,” Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo said at the meeting.

“We’re proud of the community progress committee,” Piccolo continued. “They’ve done lots of good things in our community and as times change and, in the economic turn-down that we have, I think it’s even more important to have good leadership and good membership in that committee.”

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