Carbon Recreation Hosts Dino Quarry Classic Softball Tournament


Carbon Recreation hosted a 10U and a 12U softball tournament on Friday and Saturday. Six teams competed in the 12U division while three suited up for the 10U competition. Two local teams competed in the 12U, the Diamond Divas and Carbon Fuel 04, while local team Venom competed in the 10U.

Teams that traveled to Price to compete in the 12U division included SLV Lightning, Sanpete Crush, Zombie Hunters 04 and Mesquite Riot. Heat Wave and Hurricane Heat traveled to compete in the 10U division.

Carbon Fuel 04 walked into the tournament undefeated. However, Zombie Hunters 04 faced Carbon Fuel 04 and broke the undefeated team’s streak and took the win. Heat Wave took the 10U win while facing Venom for the championship.

This week, Carbon Recreation will be hosting the 16U Black Diamond Brawl on Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3. So far, there will be seven teams competing, including two local teams.

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