Carbon Recreation Offers Trips on the San Rafael River

The San Rafael River has water and is clear of obstructions. A Carbon Recreation trip made the incredibly scenic journey and guide Bo Christensen concluded, “It’s incredible, as always.”

Carbon Rec rents inflatable kayaks, which are perfect for the trip. Bo encourages people to take advantage of this opportunity while the water lasts. If you would like a guide and transportation, Carbon Rec can also arrange for that. Feel free to call Carbon Rec for information about the San Rafael and other rivers in the area.

If there is enough water and the weather is good Carbon Rec plans to float the Price River from Woodside to the Confluence with the Green River on May 10 and again May 21. If the flow holds Carbon Rec will do a individual-pay trip on the San Rafael on June 4. You can register for any of those trips by calling the office at 435-636-3702.

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