Carbon Rodeo Club Saddles Up Following Price City Sponsorship Approval


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

Representatives of the Carbon Rodeo Club visited the Price City Council on Wednesday evening to request sponsorship. Destiny Andrews from the club spoke, stating that there are six members total this year.

She continued by informing the council that in 2020, the city donated $500 that went toward prizes, banners and other expenses necessary to host a rodeo. Each year, the rodeo brings around 450 contestants and families, who stop at the gas stations to fill up, get snacks, eat at local restaurants and stay at local hotels, bringing income to the community.

Andrews was asked if the rodeo was hosted last year and she announced that, due to COVID-19, it was not. The money donated last year went toward buckles and prizes, which will instead be used this year, as well as the banner. With this statement, it was asked what the $500 would be utilized for this year.

Andrews stated that the donation will go toward additional prizes and other necessities for the club. “You can always tell when there is a rodeo because there are people everywhere, absolutely everywhere,” stated Councilman Layne Miller.

Agreeing with Councilman Miller’s statement, Andrews remarked that the rodeo is also a great opportunity for community members to get out and enjoy an event. This year, the rodeo is slated to take place on April 9 and they are also hosting a queen contest the Thursday before the rodeo, also bringing in more families.

It was stated that the rodeo has always had a positive impact on not only the city, but the county as a whole. The shooting portion, which is usually hosted in Castle Dale, will also take place in Helper this year. Mike Kourianos concluded by remarking that, as the city goes forward with parade planning, the club should be involved.

A sponsorship for $500 was then approved by the council.

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