Carbon School Board Discusses Technology and Field Trips


Technology and field trips were major topics of conversation at a recent Carbon School Board meeting.

Board President Wayne Woodward brought up his concern about spending money on technology “just for the sake it.”

“We need to make sure that the efforts (to implement technology) we are making as a school district… are actually improving education,” he said.

The board asked student board member Anna Bryner about how the Chromebooks, which the district has recently provided to all secondary students, are being used in the classroom and if she felt that they are enabling education.
Bryner stated that the Chromebooks have been very useful to her and enhanced her educational experience in several ways, such as note-taking and teacher-student communication.

“The hard part is going to be quantifying how technology is being used,” said board member Jeff Richens.

The future of field trips, particularly at elementary schools, was also discussed. In October, the board discussed the option of developing a K-8 field trip schedule. However, Superintendent Steve Carlsen stated that “they (schools) feel strongly that they want to see control of their own buildings.”

On the subject of field trips, board member Kristen Taylor noted that she wants to ensure all students receive the opportunity to attend academic field trips, regardless of previous disciplinary issues. “This is not the time to punish kids,” she said.

However, she also stated that in cases of constant student behavior issues, special arrangements may need to be made in order for that student to attend, such as having a parent come on the field trip.

The board also discussed the difference between academic and reward field trips. They agreed that academic field trips should be open to all students to enhance their education, whereas qualification to attend reward field trips may be based on other factors, such as citizenship or academic grades.

During the meeting, the board unanimously approved the consent agenda, the Carbon School District 2014 Audit and the contracts of the superintendent and business administrator, extending the contracts through 2017.

Several students and faculty were also recognized during the meeting. J.W. Broadbear, Joseph Clifford and Beth Child were recognized for being Academic All-State Students. Steve Pay, Arthella Williams and Kaitlyn Tracy, along with the cast of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, were recognized for the musical they put on last month.

Student board member Bryner was also recognized for being chosen as one of the two Utah winners of the United States Senate Youth Program.

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