Carbon School Board Presents Plans for New Helper Junior High


Thursday night, В a meeting was held by the Carbon County school board to discuss building plans for В a new Helper Junior High.

The current building was built in the 1930’s and while it possesses no current threat, the board feels it is time to start making plans to move on.

“We are not even contemplating removing a junior high from Helper City right now,” stated Wayne Woodward, President of the Carbon County School Board.

While renovations are a possibility, the board feels that as far as safety, traffic, and location are concerned, it would beВ bestВ to build in a new location.

Finances were brought to light, informing attendants the new school will come with an estimated nine million dollar price tag.

The board has put in an offer on a piece of land they feel would best accommodate the new junior high, but it will take six months or more to complete negotiations. Though no plans will be put in motion for an estimated three to four years, the board wanted to involve community comments early in the process.

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