Carbon School Board Receives Special Request From Local Health and Rehab Center


Aspiration of local elementary school teacher courtesy of Carbon School District

Two employees of the Parkdale Health and Rehab Center visited the Carbon School Board during its regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday evening with a special request in tow.

This request was to begin a pen pal program between local students and the residents of the care center. The employees came with the request believing that it would be a great learning opportunity for the students as well as a hobby and means of communication for the residents. The employees stated they would happy to either have the letters dropped off at the center or to pick them up at the schools.

Board member Jeff Richens asked how many students would be needed and which age group would be most desired by the residents or employees.

There are currently over 120 residents at Parkdale and the employees thought that a couple of classes could be utilized but stated that they believed that the board would know what would be better. Richens suggested reaching out to the local principals to see what classes and ages could be offered.

It was also explained that, at the beginning of the program, the residents would write with a pen name. However, at the end of the school year, there is a possibility for the students to take a field trip to the care center and meet who they have been corresponding with. Superintendent Lance Hatch requested the employee’s emails to correspond with them and see how to best make this happen.

Superintendent Hatch then invited the board members and crowd to visit the school district’s website. From there, each school can be selected and, upon clicking on the live feed, all can view a special project that local teachers have been working on. This project is the hopes that the teachers have for themselves and their students for the upcoming school year.

To view these aspirations, please click here.

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