Carbon School Board Supports Service Projects


Drama and Vocal Sterling Scholar and Price City Youth Council member Emma Holm took to the podium last week during the Carbon School Board meeting to seek approval from the board for two separate service projects.

Holm’s explained that the Price City Youth Council has decided to host a hygiene drive for the months of December and January. The youth council is planning on having hygiene drop-off locations around town for community members to donate. Holm was asking for permission from the board to place drop-off boxes at Carbon High School as well as Mont Harmon and Helper Middle School.

“We think that it would be a good place for people to donate and a good way to get the kids in the community involved in helping others,” said Holm.

After the hygiene products are donated, they will be collected and distributed in Carbon Caring for Kids kits for the months of January and February.

The second public comment from Holm regarded a fundraiser hosted by the Sterling Scholars in hopes to increase funding and awareness for the hygiene and clothing closet at Carbon High School.

Holm and Social Science Sterling Scholar Elizabeth Blackburn proposed a fundraiser to increase funds to the closet by hosting a dodgeball tournament that will take place in mid-January.

“We think is another way to get the school involved to help the community, but by having fun while doing it,” said Holm.

Both sterling scholars were planning on creating a clothing closet for Carbon High School, but once they brought the idea to their advisor, they were informed that there is already a clothing closet. Unfortunately, it does not see much success due to lack of advertising and funds.

“We do get clothes donations, but usually they are old and we don’t have all the sizes we need, so we thought buying them new would be better,” said Blackburn.

Both service projects were only discussed in the public comment portion of the meeting and were not on the agenda, leaving the board with no requirement of making an action. However, the board members did agree that they were supportive of both projects and led Holm in the direction of the correct channels to get flyers approved.

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