Carbon School District Announces Changes to the Mask Mandate


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The Carbon School District (CSD) announced a change in the way that the mask mandate, put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is enforced in district schools.

This was discussed during the Carbon School Board meeting that took place on Wednesday, as well as released on social media beforehand. The CSD stated that the district will no longer send students home that choose not to wear a mask and will no longer insist that masks be worn properly.

Carbon School Board’s Jeff Richens stated that he spoke with people in different parts of the state and there are some students that never got to be in the classroom in the 2020-21 year. Similarly, some students expect that they will still be out of school next year.

He said that he wanted to recognize not only the administration and all school principals and teachers, but the students as well. The students cooperated by being willing to be a little inconvenienced and maybe a little uncomfortable. Richens stated that he feels like the board has developed a good solution and direction.

It was also stated that there was a fair amount of cheering and smiles when the announcement of the changes was made.

“I think it’s the right thing and we appreciate the board’s support,” Superintendent Lance Hatch stated.

All will be able to voluntarily choose to wear a mask or not and information pertaining to the mask mandate will continue to be posted on signs and online. It was stressed that masks are not prohibited and are encouraged and can be worn whenever.

Sup. Hatch also remarked that they are in constant communication as they work through the mandate. More detailed information on the mask mandate and changes may be found here.

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