Carbon School District Bringing Summer Learning to Students


As the summer season approaches, the Carbon School District (CSD) shared that they are thrilled to offer an elementary summer learning program.

This program will support reading and math skills for the students and is slated to be hosted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to noon. The program will begin on the week of June 14 and will run through the week of July 26.

The CSD continued by stating that transportation will be available and lunch will be provided. Those that are interested in signing their children up for this opportunity will need to complete a registration form, found here, that answers questions such as what school year the student is in, the parent’s phone number and email, and the like.

During the Carbon School Board meeting that was hosted on Wednesday evening, Stacy Basinger and Mika Salas spoke on the program, stating that the goal is to help students gain and maintain skills. During the time that the students are learning, there will also be lunch served, which will coincide with the school summer lunch program.

The program began with sending out an interest survey to teachers and staff, which received a great response. As of the time of the meeting, there were already 103 students signed up for the program.

“Everyone has just really come together and we are excited,” Salas stated.

It was then stated that the registration form may also be accessed through the banner of each elementary schools’ website.

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