Carbon School District Counselors Highlighted for Great Work


Last week was National School Counselor Week and the Carbon School Board took time to honor the district’s many counselors during the recognition portion of their Tuesday evening meeting.

Carbon School District (CSD) Superintendent Lance Hatch remarked that they greatly appreciate the hard work that the counselors put in. He then stated that they were able to secure some photos from the various schools that depicted some of the ways that the counselors were celebrated last week and wished to show those for the board’s enjoyment.

The school celebrations varied, with some giving personalized plaques while other wrote cards, decorated offices and more. CSD’s Mika Salas spoke on the counselors, stating that they have always relied on the counselors, but especially this year as a lot came into the schools during the pandemic.

The counselors came together to help teachers and staff, and created activities to help the adults in the building cope with all the change that all have faced this year. Salas reflected on the students that were lost in the year and the counselors coming together no matter what time or day.

“There are teachers and principals out there that couldn’t have faced the tragedies we’ve had this year without the counselors,” Salas said.

Salas continued by stating that the district cannot express enough how much they appreciate what the counselors have done and what they continue to do in their everyday tasks. The counselors in attendance were then gifted with movie passes, courtesy of the board.

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