Carbon School District Enforces Restrictions Beginning March 13


Carbon School District Press Release

Carbon School District is implementing steps to limit exposure of students and staff to the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus). We hope these steps will result in students staying in class and reduced transmission of viruses.

After consultation with the Southeast Utah Health Department, the following actions will be implemented starting on Friday, March 13 and extending through Friday, March 27.

All extracurricular events will be cancelled or postponed. These include:
■ Baseball/Softball Games
■ Dances
■ Track & Field Events
■ Quiz Bowls
■ Field Trips
■ Etc…

Non-essential personnel will be asked to suspend their visits and support. Volunteers will be asked to suspend their visits and support. Visitors will be asked to stay in the office area and not go beyond the office. Visitors will not be allowed to eat lunch with students in the cafeteria.

We apologize for the inevitable negative consequences of these actions. We hope individuals and the community at large will recognize our priority is student safety and these efforts are intended to keep students and staff members safe while also ensuring classes are still held and student learning continues.

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