Carbon School District Prepares for Baseball and Softball Renovation


At a Price City Council meeting held on Wednesday, Jan. 27, councilmembers approved the transfer of ownership of a piece of land, commonly referred to as the “girls softball field” and located at approximately 650 North Cedar Hills Drive, from Price City to Carbon School District, thus providing a key step in the school district’s renovation plans for both the baseball and softball fields.

Slated to begin on May 1st of this year, the renovation plan includes many changes to both fields, and the school district has authorized up to 1.25 million dollars to bring the changes about.

“Probably the biggest change is the realignment of home base,” expressed Carbon School District Superintendent Steve Carlsen in regards to the baseball field. The field’s home base, which currently is located on the southwest corner of the diamond, will be relocated to the northwest corner.

“The baseball field itself needs a lot of excavation work because the field is not level,” Carlsen continued explaining the significant slope found on the diamond.

The renovations will help to not only give the players a better experience, but the audience as well. A parking lot is set to be added and will be accessible from 650 North. Bleachers will be placed near both diamonds to offer the best view possible of sports action. A concession stand and restrooms will also be made more easily available to spectators.

The fields will also be able to be used by community members during summer months when the school district is not using them.

Hoping to complete the project as soon as possible, Carlsen offered a positive outlook in regards to the end of the project. “I think it’s optimistic to think that in 2017 we’d be playing,” the superintendent explained.


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