Carbon School District Superintendent Resigns


After months of investigation and speculation, the Carbon School Board announced that they had accepted the resignation of George Park at a meeting held Dec 17. We now know the details of the agreement that led to that resignation.

The severance, waiver and release agreement explains that it is intended to serve as a final settlement between Park and the District, and to “end the employment relationship”. In return for a waiver and release from any further action against the District, Mr. Park will receive his receive his “normal wages” through June 30, $1500 to “assist in the payment” of attorney’s fees, and medical and dental coverage until Dec. 31, 2011, unless new employment is accepted that offers comparable coverage.

The agreement also reveals that although Park’s resignation was effective Jan. 1, he will continue to serve the District as a consultant through June 30 of this year. If he moves out of the area, he will also be compensated for travel as part of this position.

Because of the confidentiality clause in the agreement, neither the School Board, Park or Carbon School District employees are able to comment.



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