Carbon School District’s Maintenance Department Commended for Diligence


Recognitions were in order for Carbon School District’s (CSD) maintenance staff during the school board meeting last week. Superintendent Mika Salas announced the recognition by inviting CSD Supervisor of Maintenance and Ground Jared Hansen and his team to the podium.

“We just wanted to make sure they know how much we appreciate them,” said Superintendent Salas, adding that extra appreciation is necessary during the winter months.

Hansen began the recognition with a small speech he had prepared.

“It is no secret our leading classroom heroes comprised of teachers, aides and school administrators who take on passing of education are the known superheroes,” Hansen said. “We thank them for their endless services. But, just like any superhero team such as the Avengers, they have a Jarvis behind the scenes to keep them going. This district maintenance staff works quietly through the tunnels, attics and other unseen spaces of our facilities to keep them up and running every day. I would like give a big shout out, thanks to this team.”

The maintenance staff consists of seven employees who were then each recognized by Hansen, beginning with secretary Darlene Riche, who was not in attendance for the meeting. Riche has worked for the district for 36 years with 28 of those years in the maintenance department. She assists with invoices, payments and ongoing upkeep of the facilities.

Mechanical Operation Specialist Sid Nelson was also not in attendance. Nelson has spent 38 years with the maintenance department and specializes in maintaining HVAC, coolers, freezers and circulation pumps.

Maintenance worker Jerald Schade has served the district for 27  years, 17 of which were in a custodian role first at West Ridge Middle School and later at Mont Harmon Junior High. He specializes in the district’s plumbing and irrigation systems but is an overall handyman.

Tyler Clark has worked for the district for 10 years and is the chief electrician. He maintains the power operation for each building.

Maintenance worker Travis Jackman has worked for five years with the department and is best explained as a ‘jack of all trades,’ according to Hansen. He obtained a lot of experience and knowledge from his time served in the military.

Last to be recognized was roaming custodian/maintenance worker Nick Osness. This is Osness’ first year with the department but he has previous custodial experience and is a great asset to the team. He also worked in the district’s after-school program last year as a director.

“This is a great team. Anything that happens in the maintenance department has nothing to do with me. These guys have kept everything moving before and after I got here. They are to be commended,” said Hansen.

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