Carbon Schools Host Annual Spelling Bees


Carbon School District Press Release

Throughout the month of January and the beginning of February, each of Carbon School District’s elementary schools’ fourth and fifth grades as well as the middle schools held school spelling bees. Each of the seven schools hosted a school-wide spelling bee to determine their top three spellers, who then went on to participate at the district level spelling bee on Feb. 16.

School Spelling Bee Winners:

Bruin Point Castle Heights: Top 3 Creekview
Uriah Trostle 1st

Isaiah Trostle 2nd

Kiira Dickerson 3rd

Evie Bates-Wood

Aviya Krum

Sophie Francis

Payton Simkins 1st

Brynnli Jensen 2nd

Andrew Woodard 3rd

Sally Mauro: Top 3 Wellington Helper
Cayde Richardson

Crew Stubbs

Anthony Pierce

Jared Bunn 1st

Alexi Palmer 2nd

Jaxson Marvidakis 3rd

Ireland Keil 1st

Jordan Olsen 2nd

Olivia Rondinelli 3rd

Mont Harmon
Cadi Heaton 1st

Everett Ellsworth 2nd

Matthew Blackburn 3rd

At the district bee, these 21 spellers competed against each other to earn a top three spot. The results of the district bee were:

1st Place – Everett Ellsworth, 7th grade at Mont Harmon Middle School

2nd Place – Cadi Heaton, 7th grade at Mont Harmon Middle School

3rd Place – Elvie Bates-Wood, 5th grade at Castle Heights 

These top three spellers will now advance to the region spelling bee on March 9 at Grand County High School. The region bee consists of the top three spellers from San Juan, Emery, Grand and Carbon school districts. The first place winner there will advance to the National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. 

Congratulations to all of the school bee winners and district bee competitors and winners.

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