Carbon Senior Center Welcomes New Director


A joint venture by Carbon and Emery counties in 2018 enabled Robbie Jensen to act as the director for the senior centers in both counties. However, it was announced at the end of 2022 that Jensen would no longer be in this position, prompting the need for a new director in Carbon County.

Rebecca Taylor, who grew up in Orem, accepted the position. Taylor and her husband spent some time in Nevada while he pursued his career in physical therapy, though she stated that they returned to Utah the first chance that they could get, which brought them to Price.

“We thought this would just be a quick stop on our way to finding a job back in Utah County, but we fell in love with Carbon County and all of the wonderful people here,” said Taylor. “And we decided to make it our permanent home.”

They have resided in Carbon County for over 18 years and have raised four children together. Taylor graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors Degree in Public Health and a minor in Gerontology. Earning her minor ended up being the part of her education that Taylor gravitated toward the most.

Taylor remarked that it has been exciting to work with the seniors of the community, explaining that she learns much from them. She has also learned a lot regarding the various state programs and issues that are facing seniors. In her time here, she has had the opportunity to work with seniors in a variety of settings, such as the Utah Senior Games, the American Cancer Society, the state health departments and much more.

“I found a love of working with this population and wanted to make that my career. I have spent the last few years working as the administrator of Goodlife Senior Living,” Taylor explained. “I loved the connections I made there with the residents and their families and felt honored to assist them in making that hard transition when having to move out of their homes.”When Taylor noticed the job posting for Senior Affairs Director, it sparked immediate interest. She was intrigued by the opportunity it would give her to work with the seniors that she cares for, as well as working for the county. Taylor was sure that it would be a job that she would love.

Taylor has been in the position for nearly a month and has enjoyed it as much as she knew that she would. She stated that they are working hard to ensure that the seniors are provided for and she is impressed with the amount of use that the senior center gets.

She stated that the community seniors are active and the center is a perfect place for socialization, exercise, developing talents and enjoying a meal.

“They are helping me to want to be more active in my own life and learn new things,” Taylor said. “My goal is to make sure we continue to make the center a place all seniors in our community want to come. I hope to accommodate those who want to volunteer their time here with us to teach various classes, share talents and help the senior center keep thriving.”

She urged the community to approach her with ideas and stated that she is always willing to listen. There are many upcoming activities, such as a Valentine’s Dance on Feb. 10, that is open to the entire community.

“If you are a senior here in Carbon County and you haven’t yet come out, I encourage you to come see what the senior center has to offer and, even more, what you might have to offer here to your senior community,” Taylor concluded.

The Carbon County Senior Center is located at 418 South Fairgrounds Way in Price. The center is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and can be reached at (435) 636-3202. Services, frequently asked questions and more information on the center can be found here.

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