Carbon Shows Well at First Track Meet

In their first track meet of the season, the Moab Invitational at a Grand High School, the Carbon High School track team did even better than their coach expected. With less athletes then in recent years, the boy’s team placed 3rd, and the girl’s team placed 2nd.

“I was beyond thrilled with this result,” said Head Coach Jimmy Jewkes. “I had no idea what we had, so our girl’s team didn’t run any relays, we just threw some together with our boy’s team, and we still placed high.

For the boy’s team: Carson Tatton placed 2nd in the 200-meter dash; Luke Olsen placed 2nd in the 400-meter dash; Kaleb Kulow placed 2nd in the 300-meter hurdles, Derek Quinton placed 4th in the long jump; and Justin Hepworth placed 4th in the 800-meter run. For the girl’s team: Karrisa Nelson won both the 100- and 300- meter hurdles, and placed 4th in the javelin; Regan Powell placed second in both the 1600- and 800- meter runs; Kayleigh Potts won the high jump; Kacilia Ivory placed 3rd in the 300-meter hurdles; and Diana Olsen placed 4th in the 800-meter run.

Coach Jewkes is optimistic about the season.В  “I think we will have a good year,” he concluded. “We got beat by Wasatch, but they had twice as many kids as we do. That makes it kind of hard to win.”

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