Carbon Softball Brings in Familiar Face


It was announced earlier this week that Kirt Nunley is returning to fill the Carbon softball head coach position. Nunely was a varsity softball assistant at Carbon for four years before he took over the program from 2012-2015.

“I missed being part of a team. I missed the coaching and the game; it’s a wonderful game,” commented Nunley about his decision to return. “It was time to come back. I’m pretty excited to be back.”

Nunley continued talking about his passion for the game and its finer points. “I’m a big skills and techniques guy. I want to make sure the girls know the game, understand it and come out of my program with more knowledge of softball.”

As he returns to coach the Lady Dinos, his concerns go well beyond the field. “Accountability is a top priority; the girls need to be accountable. If they’re not doing well in the classroom or they’re being disrespectful, they need to be accountable.” He continued, “I want to prepare these girls for what’s after softball, that’s why I talked about accountability. When you leave the program, you’re going to be on your own and you need to make good decisions.”

Also returning are Butchie Vasquez and Dave Basinger. Vasquez was the assistant under Wade Williams and he will come back into that role. Basinger, on the other hand, was on Nunley’s original coaching staff and will volunteer is time and knowledge to the program. The team’s search for coaches to help the freshmen and sophomores remains ongoing.

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