Carbon Swim Comes Out Victorious in Moab


The Carbon High swim team recently traveled to Moab where they took on Grand, South Summit and Gunnision.

The girls started out strong in the 200-yard medley and never let go. The 200-yard medley was represented by Emily Jesperson, Alheli Pendleton, KaCee Barrett and Ashlin Baker with a time of 2.28 that secured them a first-place finish. Carbon also received a third-place finish with Abby Layton, Lori McCourt, Taycie Davis and Makayla Moynier bringing in a time of 2.50. Keirsten Oversen, Hannah Torgerson, Katrina Behling and Vanessa Manual fell behind but earned a fourth place finish.

Amanda Liu flew past opponents in the 200-yard free with a time of 2.19, good for 21 seconds faster than opponents, collecting another first place finish.

Carbon was well represented in the 200-yard IM with Megan Swasey accepting a second-place finish just behind Grand. Alheli Pendelton received a third-place finish and Abby Layton finished in fourth with a time of 3.16.

Barrett returned in the 50-yard free and earned a third-place finish with a time of 31 seconds. Teammate Jacee Richards wasn’t far behind with a time of 35 seconds acquiring a fourth place finish.

Senior Veronica Ibanez earned a second place in the 100-yard butterfly, six seconds behind first place.

Emily Jesperson came up big in the 100-yard freestyle with a first place finish with a time of 1.09. Comrade Ashlin Baker came in with a time of 1.12 and received a second place finish behind Jesperson.

Liu returned in the 500-yard freestyle for another first place finish with a time of 6.20.

Ibanez, Swasey and Barret, Liu all returned in the 200-yard medley relay to secure a second-place finish with teammates Elley Cowdell, Alheli Pendleton, Makayla Moynier, Ashlin coming in third.

Ibanez and Jesperson obtained a second and third place finishes.  Sophomores Swasey, Pendleton and Cowdell all glided their ways to a second, third, and seven place finishes.

The girls finished strong in the 400-yard relay with Liu, Swasey, Jesperson and Ibanez securing a second place finish.

Tyson Swasey, Josh McCourt, Rylan Chamberlain and Kinnon Lyman fought for second place, following two seconds behind South Summit.

Lyman returned in the 200-yard freestyle to acquire a fourth place finish with a time of 2.40. Swasey returned in the 200-yard IM to snag first place.

Chamberlain came up big in the 50 yard freestyle with a time of 26.46. Teammates Dallen Tweddell, Parker Humes and Matther Torres following not to far behind in the ranks.

Chamberlain continued his victorious streak in the 100-yard butterfly with a second-place finish.  Josh McCourt raced his way to first in the 100-yard freestyle with a time of 1.02. Real Gu came in second.

Swasey continued his ways in the 500-yard free and clinched first place.

Both the girls and boys team walked away with a first-place team finish.

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