Carbon Swim Team Hosts Richfield and Delta


The Carbon High School Swim team participated in a home tournament held last Tuesday, Nov. 24 against Delta and Richfield.

Carbon had two girls teams place in the 200 yard medley relay. The first place finishing team, made up of Addy Olson, Veronica Ibanez, Sadie Crompton and Kaisha Lott, finished with a time of 2:12.36. The second team, placing fourth, finished with a time of 2:52.11 and consisted of team members Taycie Davis, Abby Layton, Alheli Pendleton and Jayden Nielsen.

In the 200 yard freestyle, Ibanez took first with a time of 2:18.43. Shannon Baker took fourth with a time of 3:01.06 and Keli Bera took seventh.

For the 200 yard individual medley, Olson placed second with a time of 2:47.37 and was followed by Abby Layton in fourth who finished in 3:26.01. Pendleton took sixth in the same event.

The girls team was represented by Lott and Zaharah Rossi in the 50 yard freestyle, taking third and fourth, respectively, with times of 31.00 and 36.10. Nielsen, Davis, Sara Stromness and Eliza Jeffery finished in seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth places as well. Josie Ericson and Hannah Torgerson also participated in the event.

In the 100 yard butterfly, Ibanez finished first with a time of 1:11.05. Crompton finished close behind in second with a time of 1:16.74. Layton took fourth, finishing at 1:39.87.

In the 100 yard freestyle, Megan Swasey took second with a time of 1:08.30. Rossi finished behind in fourth, coming in at 1:21.35.

For the 500 yard freestyle, Olson took first place for Carbon with a finishing time of 7:07.16. Nielsen and Davis came in fourth and fifth with individual times of 9:01.99 and 9:07.36, respectively.

In the 200 yard freestyle relay, Carbon’s team of Swasey, Lott, Crompton and Olson took first finishing in 1:59.81. Baker, Layton, Rossi and Pendleton’s team took third clocking in at 2:23.70. Carbon’s third relay team consisting of Stromness, Jeffery, Torgerson and Bera took fifth.

For the girls 100 yard backstroke, Swasey came in second for Carbon with Baker coming in fourth and finishing at 1:24.67 and 1:28.58, respectively.

Crompton took first for the 100 yard breaststroke with a time of 1:18.38. Pendleton took third with a time of 1:30.94. Stromness finished in sixth for the dinos.

For the 400 yard freestyle relay, Carbon’s team consisting of Ibanez, Baker, Lott and Swasey took first by finishing in 4:47.18. The second team, made up of Rossi, Nielsen, Davis and Stromness, took third with a finish of 5:55.19.

In the boys 200 yard medley relay, team members Joseph Keller, Robby Jewkes, Tyson Swasey and Harry Torgerson worked together to land a second place finish with a time of 2:03.39. Similarly, Diego Duran Menendez, Will Laursen, Josh McCourt and Anthony Flores comprised the fourth-place finishing team that landed a time of 2:29.58.

Next, in the 200 yard freestyle, Carbon member Keller took first with a time of 2:05.16. Tanner Martinez and Parker Humes took home fifth and sixth place finishes, respectively.

Swasey and Torgerson also competed in the 200 yard individual medley with Swasey coming in first and Torgerson fourth with times of 2:21.69 and 2:42.04.

In the 50 yard freestyle, Jewkes, Laursen and McCourt finished within a second of each other, taking sixth, seventh and eighth respectively. Duran Menendez, Flores and Rylan Chamberlain also placed in the same event.

In the 100 yard butterfly, Jewkes landed a second place finish with a time of 1:11.50. Chad Laursen placed fifth, coming in at 1:27.94.

In the 100 yard freestyle, Keller placed second with a finish of 54.39. Martinez, Humes, Chamberlain and Flores also participated.

Carbon’s team consisting of Swasey, Jewkes, Torgerson and Keller took first in the 200 yard freestyle relay with a time of 1:45.10. Carbon’s second team for the relay placed fourth thanks to members Chamberlain, Martinez, Humes, and Chad Laursen coming in at 2:10.97.

Swasey took second for Carbon in the 100 yard backstroke with a time of 1:07.95. McCourt came in fourth and Duran in fifth with times of 1:19.36 and 1:24.42, respectively.

Torgerson placed fourth in the 100 yard breaststroke finishing with 1:21.90. Will and Chad Larusen also participated, placing sixth and eighth.

The boys team for the 400 yard freestyle relay, made up of McCourt, Humes, as well as Will and Chad Laursen, placed third with a time of 4:47.64.

The team will next travel to Uintah on Dec. 4 for their next competition.

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