Carbon Takes to the Pool Against Richfield and Wasatch Academy


By Anna Bryner

The Carbon High swim team competed at Richfield on Wednesday, Jan. 7. The Carbon girls team took first overall, beating Richfield 98-66 and Wasatch Academy 98-6. The Carbon boys team lost to Richfield 108-55, but defeated North Sanpete 55-7.

“We are in the right direction heading to region,” said head coach Kamra Davis. Davis said she saw an improvement in the swimmers’ times compared to the meet against Grand. However, she said, “There is still improvement to be made.” She plans to have the team focus on improving starts, turns and breathing techniques.

Throughout the meet, several relays and individuals performed very well. In the girls 200 medley relay, Carbon took first in 2:11.05. The relay team consisted of Addy Olson swimming backstroke, Kaisha Lott swimming breaststroke, Veronica Ibanez swimming butterfly and Susannah Ohlwiler swimming freestyle. The Carbon B relay team took third, finishing in 2:36.84. Abby Layton saw backstroke, Nienke Kers swam breaststroke, Heidi Prettyman swam butterfly and Kaylee Johnson swam freestyle.

The boys 200 medley relay saw a second and fourth place finish for Carbon. The A team, which finished second, consisted of Joseph Keller swimming backstroke, Tyson Swasey swimming breaststroke, Kaden Earl swimming butterfly and Harry Torgerson swimming freestyle. The team finished in 2:02.13. The B team, which finished fourth in 2:24.17, consisted of Josh McCourt swimming backstroke, Jewkes swimming breaststroke, Will Laursen swimming butterfly and Kraync swimming freestyle.

In the girls 200 freestyle, Carbon gained a first and third place finish as Veronica Ibanez finished in 2:22.95 and Dakota Noyes finishes 2:44.49, respectively. In the boys 200 freestyle, Keller finished first in 2:04.11.

In the girls 200 individual medley, Carbon finished second and third as Olson finished in 2:4.96 and Prettyman finished in 3:02.85, respectively. In the boys 200 individual medley, Swasey finished third in 2:26.47.

The Carbon girls dominated the 50 freestyle, placing first with Suparada Chaobol’s finish in 28.72, second with Lott’s finish in 29.51 and third with Ohlwiler’s finish in 29.63. In the boys 50 freestyle, Earl claimed second place, finishing in 25.03.

In the girls 100 butterfly, Carbon saw a second, third and fifth place finish with Layton in 1:45.73, Shannon Baker in 1:51.39 and Taycie Davis in 1:46.41,  respectively. In the boys 100 butterfly, Robby Jewkes took fourth in 1:31.65 and Bert McCourt took fifth in 1:43.32.

In the girls 100 freestyle, Chaobol took first, finishing in 1:04.68, while Prettyman finished third in 1:12.91. In the boys 100 freestyle, Keller clinched first place, finishing in 54.81, while Earl finished behind in second in 59.12.

Carbon earned another first place with Ibanez as she finished first in the girls 500 freestyle in just 6:14.77. In the boys 500 freestyle, Laursen finished third in 7:13.68.

In the girls 200 freestyle relay, Carbon saw a first place finish in 1:59.98 with the team composed of Olson, Lott, Noyes and Chaobol. Carbon also saw a third place finish in 2:25.18 with Baker, Anna Bryner, Kers and Johnson. In the boys 200 freestyle relay, Carbon finished first in 1:47 with a team composed of Earl, Swasey, Harry Torgerson and Keller.

In the girls 100 backstroke, Olson finished second in 1:15.37 and Ohlwiler finished third in 1:24.06. In the boys 100 backstroke, Torgerson finished fourth in 1:22.49.

In the girls 100 breaststroke, Lott finished third in 1:23.13. In the boys 100 breaststroke, Swasey finished second in 1:15.48.

In the final event of the night, the 400 freestyle relay, the Carbon girls took first in 4:25.27 with the team composed of Ibanez, Ohlwiler, Prettyman and Chaobol. Carbon also had a third place finish in 5:43.02 with Stine Eikeland, Noyes, Davis and Baker. In the boys 400 freestyle relay, Carbon took second place, finishing in 4:41.57 with Jax Kraync, Laursen, Josh McCourt and Jewkes.


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