Carbon Track and Field ‘All In’


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Over 80 athletes are primed and ready for the track and field season at Carbon. The team consists of around 35 boys and 50 girls, which creates good inter-squad competitions to further push the group. Carbon has its sights set high and is excited to put a full season on the track.

On the boys’ team, there are both very capable returners along with a number of up-and-coming athletes. “My boys’ team is just really, really young. I’ve got a lot of young talent,” said head coach Jimmy Jewkes.

One of the most exciting players coming back is Ryker Childs, who will compete in the hurdles and long jump this year. “[Childs] could legitimately chase three state titles. One in the 300 hurdles, one in the 110 hurdles and one in the long jump.”

Jewkes then went on to talk about Kobe Cruz. “Distance wise, that kid is putting in the work. He’s going to be a lot of fun to see.”

On the other side, the Lady Dinos are expecting to make a lot of noise with their depth in every event. “I’ve got a plethora of talent. It’s some of the best raw talent we’ve had.” Jewkes continued, “Makenna Blanc is a stud in everything she does. She is the Swiss army knife of Carbon track. I could legitimately put that girl almost anywhere on the track and she would place. It’s one thing to have one girl like that, but I’ve got a couple of girls like that.”

Haylee Prescott is another one of those incredible athletes that is performing all over. “Prescott will be big for us,” Jewkes said.

Beverley Lancaster is an excellent 800 runner while Eminie Elliott is an impressive hurdler. “Paiten Thomas is rock solid in what she does. Not just from the running ability, but from the leadership ability. She comes in and works her tail off. I’m excited about what that core does,” Jewkes remarked.

In addition, Carbon has several long and high jumpers that could qualify for state in the opening meet. “I’m excited, I really am. I’m excited about this girls’ team. I’m excited about the youth I have on the boys’ team.”

Carbon is not without some problems, however. Quarantine has already hit the program in the onset of the season. There was a period when the Dinos only had three coaches to run the entire practice with over 80 athletes. Many in the state have been or could be in similar situations, so the Dinos are handling it in stride. They are motivated and focused to make sure that no time is wasted.

“That’s the one thing I can say about this team, is every time I’ve had a kid that has to miss practice, for various reasons, they always ask me for a workout,” Jewkes explained, “The first day of practice we told them ‘you’re either all in or get out,’ and they’re all in. We basically said, ‘once you set foot on this track, you’re all in.'”

There are several runners, like Lyndee Mower, that may only have a couple of days of practice before they compete in a meet. That will not deter this Carbon team and the Dinos are determined to make the best out of every situation. “I’m counting down the days and the hours to finally see these kids on the track,” concluded Jewkes.

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