CARES Act Grant Creates Opportunity for a Regional Economic Development Strategist


Jade Powell ETV News Stock Photo

During the recent Southeastern Utah Economic Development District (SEUEDD) meeting, it was announced that the district has been invited to apply for a $400,000 loan through a planning partnership CARES Act grant.

Jade Powell of the SEUEDD spoke on this, stating that it is basically CARES Act Recovery Assistance. He also stated that through the grant, they will receive the money over the course of two years with the amount of $200,000 per year being given. The monies are split 50/50 with Powell being named the regional economic development strategist.

Powell stated that he likes to think that he is basically an extension of the economic development director in each of the four counties within the district, which are Carbon, Emery, Grand and San Juan.

Powell’s purpose is to assist the counties in carrying out their projects in the area and bounce back from COVID-19. They are working on resiliency planning, normal economic development and trying to progress. Powell is assisting with CRA topics and the rural county grant program.

With the other 50% of the monies, they are contracting to hire a regional financial strategist with the main purpose being funding projects and creativity. Powell stated that when cities and counties have projects, they always approach the Governor’s Office of Economic Development or the County Impact Board to acquire funding, which comes from mineral lease funds.

However, that supply is in short amount as of late and with the regional financial strategist, there will be ways to partner both public and private investments to make projects happen.

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