Carlisle Breaks State Record

Jaxson Carlisle of Pinnacle Canyon Academy High School broke the 1A State Record for most strikeouts in a high school career. He broke it on his very own senior night.
On Sept. 25, the Pinnacle Panthers took on the Wayne Badgers for their senior night. Carlisle went into the game having 212 strikeouts in his high school career. With the record being 218, he only needed seven for the record. Carlisle did just that, striking out seven on a very special night.
“Jaxson is an amazing pitcher and he has grown immensely over the last few years. He is going to be an amazing pitcher at the next level,” said Pinnacle coach Eric Hansen.
Carlisle then took the mound in the first round of the state game against Wendover. Being the underdogs in the matchup, Carlisle struck out 11 and bumped his strikeouts to 230. He is also the leader for most strikeouts this year with 100.
Carlisle is the son of Tyler Carlisle, Sami Farlaino and Sam Farlaino. Carlisle has received offers from schools out of state, but remains undecided on the next step in his baseball career.
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