Castle Action Shooters Monthly Match Scheduled for Jan. 10


Castle Action Shooters scheduled its monthly match for Saturday, Jan. 10.

The match will take place at North Springs Shooting Range. The range is open to the public for long range, pistol, archery, law enforcement, cowboy action town and traps. Shooters will begin the match at 8 a.m.

The range is location at 5245 South 8000 West, approximately 15 miles southwest of Price. Visitors from the Price area should travel south on Hwy. 10 toward Castle Dale. Then, turn right on Hwy. 122 (west toward Hiawatha). Travel to Wattis Road and turn right. Continue on Wattis Road for five miles. Follow the North Springs signs to get to the range.

See more of the North Springs Shooting Range and Recreation at under the “Shooting Range” link. For more information, contact range master Scott Olsen at (435) 650-7728 or email

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