Castle Country and Local Animal Shelter Band Together to Assist Four-Legged Friends Affected by Hurricane Harvey


The world has been watching the news with bated breath lately, shocked by the footage and images of the damage that tropical storm Hurricane Harvey is causing in areas of Texas. Much of the community here in Castle Country have been looking for ways to give back and assist. The Carbon County Animal Shelter is one of those entities and came up with the idea to help the four-legged animals being affected.

Local businesses such as Tractor Supply, IFA and Walmart donate their broken or older bags of dog and cat food to the shelter. In the back of the shelter, the shelves were about half full of this donated food. However, they are now nearly empty.

Teaming up with those at Hard Hat Furniture and Appliance, the animal shelter is donating a great amount of food and treats to be shipped to Texas and given to animals that are finding themselves in tough situations thanks to the hurricane.

The shelter is encouraging the community to help out as well and are accepting donations of dog and cat food. A truck is being shipped down at 5 p.m. on Aug. 31. However, another truck will be making an excursion soon and food will be accepted and appreciated even after the Aug. 31 deadline. Simply visit the animal shelter, located at2900 East Airport Road in Price, with your donation.

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