Castle Country Athletes Stretch Their Hamstrings at San Juan Meet


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

Carbon, Pinnacle, Green River and Emery High track and field athletes traveled to the 2019 San Juan County Meet that took place on Wednesday and placed well.

In overall team scores, the Emery High School boys’ team came in second just behind Grand County High School (179.33) with a final score of 173.5. Carbon boys’ place fourth, just behind Monticello (97.5) with 65.333.

Carbon High came out on top in the girls’ team scores, ending with 153, followed closely by San Juan in second with 132 and Emery in third with 96.5. The combined boys’ and girls’ team scores saw Emery on top with 270 and Carbon in third, just behind Grand County (260.333) with 218.33.

At the meet, Brandon August of Carbon placed sixth in the boy’s 100 meter with a time of 12.49 with Emery Spartan Braxton Young not far behind in seventh with a time of 12.51.

Lyndee Mower and Harley Migliori (Carbon) were on top in the girls’ 100 meter in first and second place with 13.88 and 14.10, respectively. Paiten Thomas, also of Carbon, was in seventh with a time of 14.65. Tambrie Tuttle of EHS placed tenth with 14.93. Braiden Ivie of Emery raced to the front in the boys’ 200 meter and ended in first place with 21.97. Fellow Emery Spartan Braxton Young found himself scoring in tenth place at 25.81.

Lady Dino Mower once again found herself in first place with a time of 28.32 in the girls’ 200 meter. Thomas also placed in the 200, landing in third with a time of 29.47. Emma Christensen joined the Dinos in fourth place at 30.29. Brynn Gordon (30.40) and Tuttle (30.75) of EHS scored in sixth and ninth place, respectively.

The boy’s and girl’s 400 meter saw Jace Curtis of Emery in second with 54.73 and Jacob Jewkes of CHS just behind in third at 55.09. Michael Bera, Chase Christiansen and Kobe Cruz rounded out the top ten boys in eighth, ninth and tenth place with times of 57.24, 57.32 and 58.40. Bethany Justice of Emery was the top finisher in the 400 meter at 1:05.

Four of the top ten spots in girls’ 100 meter hurdles went to Carbon students: Megan Swasey in third at 17.97, Eminie Elliot in fourth at 18.16, Harley Migliori in fifth at 18.18 and Britney Payan in tenth at 21.94. Alejandra Garcia of Emery placed eighth with a time of 21.44. For the boys’ 110 meter hurdles, first and second place went to Treven Brazier (16.94) and Mason Faimalo (16.97) of Emery. Cale Allred (18.08) of Emery also scored at fifth while Ryker Childs (17.86) and Antonio Mecham (18.27) of Carbon were in fourth and sixth places.

The boys’ and girls’ 300 meter hurdles saw many Emery and Carbon placements. Second, third, fifth and sixth places went to Emery boys Cale Allred (42.88), Keldan Guymon (43.07), Treven Brazier (44.41) and Mason Faimalo (44.46). Fourth place went to Carbon Dino Ryker Childs at 44.16 while Antonio Mecham (CHS) placed ninth at 47.60. In the girls’ division, Megan Swasey and Eminie Elliot of CHS placed in third and fifth place with times of 54.50 and 56.28, respectively. Bethany Justice (54.89) and Alejandra Garcia (1:01.41) of Emery were in fourth and eighth place.

In the boys’ 800 meter, finishing in second, third, eight and ninth places were EHS members Lance Chynoweth (2:15.72), McKay Meccariello (2:22.09), Mason Faimalo (2:37.56) and Zachary Wolford (2:39.72). In the girls’ 800, Emery members Carlie Bennett (3:00.08) and Hanna Morris (3:14.23) were in second and sixth place. Pinnacle Panther Stephanie Sasser placed fourth at 3:03.43 and CHS member Eeleana Atienzo-Guerrero came in at seventh with 3:19.33.

The boys’ 1600 meter saw Spartans Jess Christiansen (5:03.40), Lance Chynoweth (5:11.90), McKay Meccariello (5:12.29) and Aidan Mortensen (5:23.63) in third, seventh, eighth and tenth place, respectively. Chad and Ryan Page of Carbon finished in fourth and fifth place with 5:06.66 and 5:07.45. Landen Hardy of Pinnacle came in at sixth place with 5:11.13. Lady Dinos Makenna Blanc and Emma Haddock represented the girls in the 1600 meter in second and third place with finishing times of 5:57.57 and 6:06.71. The boys’ 3200 was represented by Bryar Meccariello (10:50.64) for Emery in third place. Carbon members Chad (11:22.98) and Ryan Page (11:39.84) came in fifth and sixth.

The girls’ 3200 meter found CHS’s Emma Haddock (13:06.92) in first place followed by Carlie Bennett (14:56.08) of Emery in third. In boys’ high jump, Emery dominated the board with Mason Faimalo (1.78) in third, Treven Brazier (1.67) in fifth, Adam Jackson (1.62) in sixth and Jace Curtis (1.62) in seventh. Landen Hardy of Pinnacle placed tenth with 1.52. In girls’ high jump, EHS’s Whitley Christensen and Tambrie Tuttle came in first and second at 1.50 and 1.47. Emma Christensen and Jodie Noyes secured third and fourth with 1.42 and 1.37. Alejandra Garcia of Emery tied with a Monticello member for sixth with 1.32. Chloe Sermon of Emery was in eighth with 1.32 and Megan Jensen of Emery tied with Brielle Motte of Pinnacle for ninth place with 1.27.

Boys’ long jump saw Panthers Zach Gibson (5.75) and Stetson Motte (5.26) in fourth and tenth place while Jace Curtis (5.36), Keldan Guymon (5.32), Braxton Young (5.28) and Josh Olsen (5.27) of Emery came in fifth, sixth, eighth and ninth place. Ridic Migliori (5.29) represented CHS in seventh place. Girls’ long jump saw Megan Swasey and Eminie Elliot of Carbon in second and fourth place with 4.72 and 4.61, respectively. Emma Christensen, also of CHS, came in tenth with 4.44. Fifth place was tied between two Emery members, Tambrie Tuttle and Bethany Justice, with 4.56 while seventh place went to Brynn Gordon, also of Emery, with 4.49. Green River High student Talynn Lovato came in eighth with 4.48.

EHS boys’ shot put contenders were Anthony Taylor (11.94) and Keldan Guymon (11.35) in fourth and seventh place. Green River member Alex Mendez came in tenth with 10.92. In girls’ shot put, Jodi Noyes (8.62) and Harley Migliori scored for Carbon in fourth and sixth place. EHS’s McKenzie Cox and Jaycee Bennett scored eighth and ninth with 8.10 and 7.99 while GRHS student Alondra Escalante placed seventh with 8.30. Marquies Giroux of Emery ended boys’ discus in first place with 40.54 while Anthony Taylor, also of Emery, came in third with 35.18.

McKenzie Cox and Jaycee Bennett scored third and sixth places for Emery in girls’ discus at 26.24 and 24.74. CHS’s Jodi Noyes came in fifth with 24.97 while Pinnacle’s Brielle Motte placed fourth with 25.07. Cale Allred (45.67) and Keldan Guymon (45.26) scored first and second place in boys’ javelin for Emery. Nathan Morley of Carbon scored eight place with 37.51. Girls’ javelin saw Marianna Molinar and Kylie Madsen, both of Carbon, in second and sixth place with 31.21 and 22.65. Megan Jensen and Jojo Petersen of Emery came in third and fourth with 26.08 and 25.93.

Emery came in third in boys’ 4×100 at 46.30 while Carbon was second for girls’ 4×100 with 53.80. In boys’ 4×400, Carbon placed third and Emery placed fourth with 3:46.28 and 3:50.32. The Lady Spartans came in second in the 4×400 with 4:35.08, followed by the Lady Dinos at 4:37.20. In the boys’ sprint medley relay 2-2-4-8, Carbon was second with 4:03.17 and Emery was third with 4:10.70.

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