Castle Country Athletics Travels to Pinnacle Peak Invitational


Over the weekend, the members of Castle Country Athletics (CCA) were given the opportunity to compete at the Pinnacle Peak Invitational that was hosted in Sandy. CCA competed against six other teams.

“Our girls have been working so hard this year and this weekend it paid off,” said coach Mandy Peterson. “We, as coaches, have not been more proud of our girls.”

The silver team took home third place overall and the entire team showed a great amount of improvement. The CCA team coaches include Peterson, Maquette Smith, Natalie Greenhalgh and Mackenzie Willson. Peterson expressed their awe at the girls’ hard work and dedication.

McKenna Smith, level four, earned third place. Level two, six year olds, saw Destery Torres in fifth place and Aislyn Erickson in sixth place. Level two for seven year olds had Brielle Burke in sixth place and Bryndie Curtis in eighth.

The remaining placements were in the silver category. For six to seven year olds, Paisyn Peterson took second, McKall Wear took sixth, Zylee Greenhalgh took fifth, Makayla Labrum placed third and Mattingly Willson took first.

Kezlee Greenhalgh placed second in 9A. Jessica Roberts and Anastyn Davis placed third and second, respectively, in 9B, while Chloe Johnson placed third in 10A. Finally, Paizley Olsen took fourth place in 10B and in the 12 to 13 year age bracket, McKayla Benoit placed eighth.

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