Castle Country Crackdown to Provide Wrestling Fun While Raising Funds for Future Wrestlers


Wrestlers are invited to the Castle Country Crackdown on Feb. 28 at Carbon High School. The tournament is open to youth in grades preschool to middle school and will be separate by age groups. Those participating will do satellite weigh-ins.

In addition to a fun tournament for wrestlers, the Castle Country Crackdown aims to provide funds to youth who need assistance paying to participate with wrestling teams and for tournaments.

“We are asking local businesses, if they are willing, to donate so that we can provide concessions and shirts to sell,” Jamill Tapia stated. “We are blessed to have an amazing booster club full of parents who are passionate about their kids and don’t want any child who is passionate and gifted in wrestling to get left out. We are hoping for a good turnout and also hoping for the support of our community.”

For more information or to donate, please call Carbon County Recreation at (435) 636-3702 or Frankie Tapia at (435) 630-0108.

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