Castle Country Native Laurel Johansen Named Outstanding Woman of Southeastern Utah


Each year, nominations are accepted and exceptional women from throughout the community are considered to be honored as the Woman of the Year. During an Italian-influenced lunch at the 39th Annual Women’s Conference, the 2018 Outstanding Woman of Southeastern Utah (Woman of the Year) was announced as native Laurel Johansen.

Last year’s award winner Jenni Fasselin was present to announce the award, explained that each year the board takes great care in choosing the winner. Fasselin then went on to state that one would be hard-pressed to find someone whose life has not been touched by Johansen, who has helped many through her work, volunteering and free time.

While volunteering, Johansen has touched many lives whether through a delicious meal, dress modifications or overseeing youth and church programs, and being a shining example of womanhood to the younger generations. Johansen was the PTA president for years and put forth 20 years of service to the school board as president.

Johansen has worked on community plays, designing and making costumes, working with choreography and the like. Furthermore, Johansen’s nursing career spanned 30 years where she helped new mom’s navigate breast feeding, immunizations and more.

“Her talents are many, and they have benefitted many,” Fasselin said.

Beyond this, however, is her passion and dedication to her family. Johansen has always been committed to being there for her family. When her husband Scott was diagnosed with AML Leukemia, she stayed diligently by his bedside and left her own pursuits, retiring from her work.

Johansen humbly and gratefully accepted the award as the full crowd of women at the conference, as well as her family, watched on. She stated that she loves being among the good people here and that the Castle Country community is always giving.

“Everybody works together and everybody is there when you’re down,” Johansen stated.

Johansen concluded by thanking the board for the award and the honor to be among great ladies.

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