Castle Country’s Got Talent: Jennifer Lopez, Author of “It Might Be a Red Flag If…”


By Kelcy Faimalo

After a string of bad breakups and toxic relationships, Helper resident Jennifer Lopez decided it was time to make a change not only in herself but the way she noticed other women deal with relationships.

In her new book “It Might Be a Red Flag If…” Lopez shares her personal experiences and experiences of other women in the modern dating world. Her humorous approach offers a list of signs that “may save a heart, bank account, liver, marriage or even a life.”

She wants women to know that it’s okay to be single and points out the difference between being single and being alone.

“There’s always something out there for everybody,” Lopez said. “Being single and by yourself gives you a real insight to find out what you want out of life. It gives you a chance to reconnect with who you are as a person and assess your personal goals.”

Lopez said being single is a chance to discover new hobbies and interests and to just take a step back to get your priorities straight.

The biggest piece of advice she had to offer was to really get to know who a person is before letting them in your home or around your children. Lopez says there is no shame in running a background check on somebody before you decide to put yourself in a vulnerable position, like a one-on-one date.

“People can misrepresent themselves so easily, especially in today’s world of online dating,” Lopez said. “It’s just important for women to really know for sure who they’re bringing in to their lives.”

Lopez’s book also encourages women to learn how to “protect their heart without hardening it” and to live free of self-doubt and pain.

During her childhood, Lopez suffered from body image issues, depression and heavy bullying. She said she believes her self-esteem issues contributed greatly to why she stayed in toxic relationships for so long. She urges women to see the good in themselves and have enough self-respect to leave a situation when it becomes abusive or otherwise harmful.

“It Might be a Red Flag If…” is available to purchase locally at Hair Hut, JK’s Paw Spa, Balance Rock Café, Living Balance Studios, Sunset Glow Tanning & Salon, Body Glo Day Spa, Eastern Utah Women’s Health and Lil Touch of Bling. It’s also available online at, Barnes & Noble and Archway Publishing.

Lopez will have a book signing on Feb. 13 at Hair Hut, 90 E. 100 South in Price, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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