Castle Country’s Got Talent: Sharon Kirchner, Artist/Painter


Sharon Kirchner, from Wellington, began painting only a couple of years ago. She then started painting more after being laid off this spring. But now, she is working full time and is a single mom with precious little time to pursue her passion. However, she has finished several paintings and has several others that she is currently working on.

One of her completed paintings came from a memory a friend had told her about. She listened as her friend Wanda expressed the magnificence of watching an eagle swooping down to catch a fish out of the Huntington River. While telling her story, Kircher could feel the passion of her experience. It then inspired her to recapture the memory in a painting as a gift to Wanda.

Many of Kircher’s paintings come from her personal experiences. She had taken a photo of a beautiful buck in the mountains of Colorado and she became inspired to make a painting of him, which her son calls “Buckzilla.” In one of her recent paintings, she painted a mountain with its reflection in lake water. She explained that it was a challenging but rewarding experience.

Kircher would like to pursue her talent and continue to learn the art of painting. She encourages people and children to at least pick up a brush and try painting as many have hidden talents. Her daughter is also showing that she has an artistic talent and Kircher is trying to find classes that they can take together.

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