Castle Dale Citizens Promised Water Pressure Solutions


By Julie Johansen

Citizens of Castle Dale City have been experiencing water pressure issues, causing their water heater pressure valves to blow and resulting in water damage around their water heaters. Several citizens approached the city council at its March meeting on Thursday to seek relief or solutions to their problems.

Residents were assured that the situation would be given careful consideration immediately. It was the feeling of the council members that a major pressure valve on the main culinary water system must be not working properly. Or, it is possible that the fire hydrants turning off rapidly following use could cause an influx of water pressure. Castle Dale City Mayor Van Wagoner asked that the citizens contact him again on Wednesday by noon to see what solutions could be found.

Also during the meeting, Ben Powell, owner of the former pageant site on DesBee Dove Road, requested a culinary water connection to serve the RV park proposed for the site. Considerations included the needed water pressure, as the topography increases in elevation, as well as the needed water shares, the length of the water line from city limits and an appropriate application for the connection. Another suggestion was that Powell could contact the United States Forest Service for a water permit. In conclusion, Powell said he needs more time to consider these matters.

Discussion then opened regarding House Bill 242 that was recently passed by the legislature, which requires a meter on every secondary line issued by the city. This will be effective for every secondary line by 2030, but new lines will require the meters beginning this May. The cities must have plans submitted by 2025.

There are grants available for the Castle Valley Special Service District to help with the implementation of these requirements, but the percent of funding decreases each year. In addition, large culinary water users fee increases are being proposed for Castle Dale City. These schedules are available at the city hall and a public hearing will be held to receive public input on these possible fee increases.

The city then approved a $150 donation for Ashlyn Durrant for her attendance at Girls State this summer. The council also had a request to sponsor the Emery High graduation party, but it was determined that a representative needed to attend a council meeting to make a personal request in accordance with the donation requirements of the city.

To conclude, animal control officer Dustin Hague reported that he recently impounded a dog that had been abandoned and had no feed or water for several days. He was charging the owners with abuse, neglect and abandonment.

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