Castle Dale City Accepts Emery County Fire District’s MOU


By Julie Johansen

Castle Dale City Fire Chief Nosh Arrien presented the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Emery County Fire Protection Special Service District and fire departments of cities and towns in Emery County to the Castle Dale City Council at their June meeting on Thursday, June 13.

The MOU outlined the responsibilities of the Fire District and what they agreed to do for the various fire departments. Among these are the city’s use of fire apparatuses owned by the district to provide safe and efficient fire suppression. The district will also provide insurance, inspections and  testing needed to keep the equipment running effectively.  The city fire departments will house the apparatuses and provide workman’s compensation and liability insurance for the firefighters. They must also provide a timely response for the area within their district, which was also shown by a map within the MOU.

Fire Departments must have representation at district meetings and present a maintenance log and a copy of apparatus inspections to receive funds from the district. The MOU was approved and signed by Mayor Van Danny Wagoner. Chief Arrien also gave a report of the city’s fire department, stating that they are attending various trainings and some firemen are re-certifying.

Representatives from the Joe’s Valley Summer Camp then requested the use of City Park Pavilion for a meeting place and storage for the youth attending the summer camp from June 17 to August 15.  The camp is for youth from nine to 16 years old.

Girl’s Staters, Lily Sorensen and Natalie Pace, gave a report to the council of their past week at Girl’s State. They thanked the Council for their contribution and told of their experiences and responsibilities in running city government and the appreciation they acquired for local leaders.

A public hearing was then opened for citizen input on the 2025 budget and the 2024 revenue and expenditure budgets to make additions or adjustments to the 2024 budget. There were no public comments, so the hearing was closed and regular meeting was re-opened. The budgets were then approved, as well as giving the City Treasurer permission to adjust the various line items in the budget.

A public auction was announced to be held online or at the Castle Dale City Hall with various items being advertised in the new paper and online. These items will be sold as-is and are items no longer being used by the maintenance employees. A list of needed items was also given to the council for purchase approval and, following the city’s purchasing policy, will be considered by the council.

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