Castle Dale City Appoints New Council Member


By Julie Johansen

Six applications were submitted to Castle Dale City to fill the vacant seat on the council, which occurred because of the passing of council member Doug Weaver. Following the opening ceremony of Thursday’s meeting, these six applicants were asked to introduce themselves. They were then asked why they would like to serve on the council and how best to handle ordinance enforcement in the city.

Mayor Danny VanWagoner then called for an open roll call vote. The vote was three to one in favor of Adriana Chimaras. There was not an official at the meeting to administer the oath of office, so Chimaras was asked to take her place on the council stand before being sworn in at a later date.

Zoning administrator Kerry Lake then reported on the Land Use Committee meeting from August. He remarked that the committee was working on updating the zoning ordinances.

Lake also reported two new home business licenses that were granted at the meeting. Discussion then opened about home occupation businesses that have failed to register with the city. Even though no fee can be charged for the license, the Castle Dale City ordinance does require that a registration is secured from the city to ensure that all requirements for the license are met. Violations will be handled according to the ordinance.

JJ Manning, code enforcement officer for Castle Dale City, reported door hangers that have been placed for watering violations. He stated that in most cases, that was all that was necessary to correct the infraction.

At this time, it was announced that Castle Dale’s secondary water will be shut off on Sept. 15. Castle Dale citizens were asked to reduce water use by 30% this year but have reduced it by 40%, permitting the shut off date to be extended.

Manning also reported that a potential citizen inquired about buying a lot to place an RV on while they build a house. He was reminded that this can happen only for the period of 12 months and that all sewer and water connections must be made to the temporary housing. Manning then was requested by the council and mayor to keep a journal of his activities as code enforcement officer.

Treasurer Jacki Collard reported for the recorder that the Ghost Road Trail is moving along nicely, having already received the Army Corp of Engineers survey that stated there was no mitigation necessary. Collard then reported an increase of $5,700 in sales tax and $520 in transient room taxes when comparing this year to 2020.

During the mayor and council reports, council member Brad Giles spoke of the upcoming Castle Valley Special Service District projects. Council member Joel Dorsch reported that the maintenance crew was working at the fairgrounds in preparation for Emery High rodeo this weekend, so they were not able to make the meeting.

The Castle Dale Youth City Council will be painting more curbs in the city, council member Jordan Leonard reported.

The mayor then spoke about meeting with Issac Patterson, who is hoping to change the zoning on the north end of Esquire Estates to make a housing development there. Zoning administrator Lake and Land Use Committee member Ted Allen have also been involved in this planning. The council was all in favor of this new development.

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